The founder Mr. Antonio Gerosa detects the war a mechanic who built small cars for the tanning industry. In 1953 the company was registered with the Association API Varese. In the '60s did the collaboration with Mazzuchelli Cellophane and after the first transformations of cutting machines of foreign brands, we are building the B2.Subito type slitter rewinder machine is appreciated for the qualities of ease of use and began production in small series . The exposure of the machine at the first international fairs of the package is the first step towards the export of the product SAGE. An agreement is signed with a major trading company in the packaging sector for the marketing in the world and in this way the factory in Varese can focus on building and technical evolution while the following commercial markets.

In a short time the volume of produced machines require relocation to a larger production facility where they will be produced in the 70s and 80s many other models of machines for many different film, paper, laminated and coextruded.
Since the early 70's are built cutters "drum carrier" with which you become a useful widths up to 3 meters. From 150 m / min of the first machines go up to 300 m / min and in some cases to 400 m / min. The speed control is entrusted to direct current motors and Sage is one of the first companies to employ converters controlled diodes that turn out to be a very good solution. In particular, the Sage machines are appreciated for their high reliability.



Thanks to sales of the commercial part of the production is increased cutters and more than 80% is shipped to foreign countries. In the 80s you leave the level of craftsmanship and thanks to the emergence of a real technical department, are renewed all models of cutters and is inserted to the list the first machine to "bridge" with double drum carrier. The digital electronics and the use of modern solutions improve the performance of the machines and the speed increase up to 600 and 700 m / min Weight and dimensions are achieved by machines that would require more space and in 1989 was built the new headquarters in Induno Olona a few kilometers from Varese. In a short time staff increased from the initial 10 people to 20 units.

In the '90s and 2000, the growth is constant and can be reached 25 people between the administrative, technical, and production. By virtue of a new trade agreement Sage sells directly in Italy and in this way can more closely follow their Italian customers.

The participation in the exhibition Plast Milan and contacts with companies that already employ the machines Sage, even if purchased with another name, they took us to a production of 50 machines per year with a turnover of 3.5 million Euros .

The ns. three engineers of the technical department continued technical evolution and allow you to keep the expertise internally to provide assistance and cooperation to our customers.
The technical support service makes use of the production staff who knows every detail of the machines manufactured by us. The long experience in the field has been passed down through the generations that have followed in the conduct business today and new forces grow alongside the more experienced.

This ensures the Sage and its customers the solidity of the company for the future.

SageSlitters opera nel mercato della vendita, dell'installazione e dell'assistenza di macchine taglierine ribobinatrici, ribobinatrici, monopiega e svolgitori industriali. Offre il proprio know-how per la consulenza, realizzazione e l'assistenza di impianti "Chiavi in Mano".

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